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Top Best Torrent Downloader Apps For Android 2020

Top Best Torrent Downloader Apps For Android 2020 : Download and transfer of large files take much longer time . Thus for quick and faster download, we move to torrent downloader. It effortlessly picks the location information of the target file aiding in faster download. Also it is mainly used to download larger files especially audios, movies, books from internet for free in our android devices. Get to know about the following toorent downloader apps for android.

Top Best Torrent Downloader Apps For Android 2020

  1. BitTorrent

  • It is the best torrent client and a powerful app to download files.
  • Simple and clean design of the interface makes it convenient, high quality app.
  • It is provided with integrated audio player that allows to access audio content directly from app.
  • With optimized Kernal of the program, it works in an efficient way.
  • Supports magnetic links, RSS(Rich Site Summary) feed and download files only in wifi mode that saves mobile data.
  • Has built-in audio, video player and allows user to chose the download location.
  • Does not limit the speed or size of the downloading file.
  • Its in-built Search engine makes it more prominent.
  • Its battery saving mode and auto turn off feature makes it user friendly.
  • Offers fastest, flawless performance, loads multiple files and updates continuously.
  • Only drawback is that it contains advertisements.
  • Rating:4.5

2. µTorrrent

  • It is the perfect official BitTorrent downloader for android with about 100Million users.
  • It is provided with easy content search and discovery facility.
  • It can download files at high speed using BitTorrent Hyper distribution communication.
  • Has all the features as that of BitTorrent and the only difference is in size:µTorrent is of 1Mb whereas BitTorrent is of 3MB.
  • It tops all other apps and is best for android.
  • Rating:4.5

3. Flud

  • It is said to be the latest BitTorrent client for android.
  • Top-rated app with simple, fast, clean interface.
  • Unique feature of this app is it can prioritize the files to be downloaded.
  • Its other feature include creating lists, pausing or resuming while download.
  • Allows faster download and does not limit the speed and file size.
  • Supports wifi mode download ,magnetic links, allows download of consequent , all types of files.
  • It also supports proxy for peers, supports several protocols like DHT, UPnP.
  • It is bit slower compared to µTorrent.
  • It contains advertisements which can be neglected by using paid versions,
  • Rating:4.6

4. Zeta

  • Prominent feature is it has built-in file managers and web browsers with ad-blockers.
  • It combines custom in-app browser and magnetic links.
  • Provided with web interface that gives access to user’s favorites.
  • Supports various protocols like DHT, UTP.
  • Secure password, in-built ad- blockers, download via wifi feature makes it more efficient.
  • Shutdowns automatically on completion of download.
  • Rating:4.5

5. CatTorrent

  • One of the best torrent download apps like BitTorrent and µTorrent.
  • Has simple, clean interface.
  • Allows user to choose the store location, configure upload, download speed limits.
  • Offers consequent and partial downloads.
  • Unique feature is it can play video files from the app using favorite players.
  • It is further improved with UI responsiveness and memory optimization.
  • It also provides download via wifi only.
  • Rtaing:4.2

6. Vuze


  • It is a dynamic torrent app with in-built Search engine.
  • Exclusive feature of this is excellent sharing features and live streaming of videos, audios apart from download.
  • It is more versatile, user friendly app.
  • Allows to increase or decrease the speed of the speed of download and can control torrent files.
  • Its in-built media player provides HD videos.
  • Only drawback is it contains advertisements.
  • Rating:4.1

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