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Snaptube APK Download [LATEST] 2020

Snaptube APK Download LATEST

If you are one of those who loves to enjoy watching Movies and web series or youtube videos, Then you have landed at the right place. We are going to introduce you to the apk, which helps you to watch movies and web series for free, and you can download those videos as well. Apk name is Snaptube Apk; this app has become so popular with Android users because of its features. Snaptube has tons of fantastic features that help and assist while you watch or download any movie or song.

Snaptube Makes downloading or searching any video easy because it has so many great features like choosing resolution while downloading a video that means you can download your favorite video in 480px or 720px or full HD it’s a very significant feature. You can see the trending section in snaptube, which shows you trending videos.

What is Snaptube APK?

First of all, you want to know about what an apk file means? So An APK file is an app created for Android, Android mobile operating system. Snaptube is an app that helps you to watch movies, youtube videos, and web series for free. Snaptube is an excellent app in the entertainment market because this app provides the latest movies and videos free of cost; you don’t have to pay any subscription fee of any one-time payment. It’s just free.

Snaptube APK

This is not done, yet snaptube has many great features that help you to make your entertainment life better, or you can say it will save your time for searching for any videos or searching for movie download links. Lots of people waste their too much time on searching movies link for downloading, but snaptube did the job here, you just have to search for video or movie name you are looking for, and snaptube will serve the movie as a result then you will get a download button you just have to click on it then you will see there is so many resolution options you can choose you can download a video in 360px, or 720px so you can choose what resolution you want then click on download the video will start downloading now enjoy your video.

Requirement of Snaptube Apk

If you are a smartphone user, want to download videos from social media. There is no option available because youtube, Facebook, and any other social media sites do not provide and downloading features like you can download videos in your internal memory of your device. Snaptube rises with tons of amazing features like downloading videos in several resolutions, and you can download only mp3 files also, so there are many features available in snaptube, I can say that every smartphone user needs an application like snaptube. But snaptube is not available on google play store so you can download it from here.

Download Snaptube For Android

Snaptube is purely made for android OS, so you can 100% Download Snaptube For Android and install this apk and enjoy the features of Snaptube Apk. Snaptube is very popular with android users because it shows all the trending videos on the trending section so you can watch and download those videos easily.

Download Snaptube

Download Snaptube For Android

Snaptube For iOS

If you are an iPhone or iPad user, and you wish to download social media videos from Instagram, Facebook, youtube, then snaptube app will help you the most because this app has a feature to download videos from social media and you can download songs as well. So read more about Snaptube For iOS

Snaptube For PC

Snaptube For PC: Basically, we have seen that all apps are used for Android mobile, on which everyone enjoys their favorite apps, but sometimes someone wants to run that app on a big screen on their PC so that they get a better experience and enjoy the big screen too. So snaptube has brought all the same features to your PC, that is, you can run Snaptube on your PC as well.

Yes, you heard, right. Snaptube for PC is available here, but you cannot run the direct snaptube apk file in your PC, For which you will need an emulator. You will need a new method to install it on the PC, which we will tell you in detail.

1) First of all, you have to install an emulator in your PC called Bluestacks emulator, https://www.bluestacks.com/ from this site you download bluestacks emulator.

2) After installing Bluestacks, sign it in or sign up.

3) Then search snaptube in the search bar above.

4) Then install the snaptube file.

5) After installing, tap on the open option and enjoy it on your computer or laptop without any interruptions.

Snaptube VIP

You can use Snaptube VIP only if you have paid for it, that is, Snaptube Vip is the premium version of the app in which you will get many more features than normal snaptube, like in Snaptube Vip you can use YouTube, Facebook, Instagram. Apart from using more than 20 sites, you can download videos or watch them in any quality.

Snaptube Vip is a premium version for which you pay it; this is the reason that when you use snaptube VIP, then you will not see any kind of ads on your screen. So this will help you to download more and more videos and songs. Snaptube VIP saves your time from finding movies on the big internet world you give your too much time on fake websites.

About Snaptube APK

If you watch too many videos on social media like Facebook, Instagram, or youtube but don’t get the download option and wish to download videos from social media and it’s very easy to use an android application. This app is fully secure; it has zero malware and virus, so you don’t have to worry about whether this app harms your device. The best thing about this app(Snaptube) is that it’s totally free, and you don’t have to pay a single penny

Pros and Cons


  1. Snaptube provides free entertainment and does not charge any monthly or yearly subscription fee.
  2. This app shows zero ads that mean you don’t get irritative ads when you play and video.
  3. Snaptube has a massive collection of movies and songs, so I will never get bored of it.


We tried and tested this app for almost one week, and we did not find any cons in this app, so we don’t say there are any cons in this app, but this app is not available in google play store but don’t be emotional you can use this app from here. And enjoy the features of snaptube apk.

Features of Snaptube

The video floating feature is also available in the Snaptube app, ie, if you are watching videos in Snaptube and, if you close the app, then there will be no problem, i.e, your video will continue to play on the side.
Snaptube works like a converter, meaning you can convert your desired video (144 p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, 4k, HD) to audio (mp3).
After downloading the video, you can also watch it offline.
You can download videos from all platform sites in Snaptube; some sites are like this – Facebook, Instagram, Youtube.
Snaptube is totally free, but if you pay to Snaptube, then you can use the features of Snaptube Vip like you can download videos from 20+ social sites.

Snaptube FAQ’s

1) Can we download videos from Youtube, Facebook, or Instagram?

Ans: Yes, you can download videos from Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and 20+ more social platforms.

2) Is Snaptube for iOS devices like the iPhone or MacBook?

Ans: Sorry, Snaptube is not officially built for ios devices, but don’t worry, there are various alternatives of snaptube; you can Download and read more about Snaptube ios alternatives.

3) What types of qualities snaptube gives in videos?

Ans: You can download and watch videos from 144p – 4k pixels.

4) In snaptube, Can we convert videos to audios?

Ans: Yes, in snaptube- we can convert video in mp3 format.

5) Is snaptube safe or not for mobile phones?

Ans: Yes, absolutely, it is safe for our device because snaptube is free from viruses and legal.

6) Is Snaptube APK on Google play store?

Ans: No, it is not on google play store because of some policy issues. But it is legal and safe for your device.

7) Is snaptube app free or not?

Ans: Yes, snaptube is a completely free app, but advertisements are sometimes shown in it, but if you purchase Snaptube VIP, you will not see ads.


So you saw that snaptube is a very special app if you like movies, even serials and web series, snaptube gives you a better experience on the PC’s screen because of that big screen. Snaptube allows you to download videos in 144px to 4k px. It’s a great feature I can say because you can use whatever resolution you want. If you want, download any alternative or similar apk like snaptube(Tubemate, Vidmate, OGyoutube, youtube downloader, etc.), then you can, but we recommend snaptube because it is tried and tested from us. Click here read more about Top5APK

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