Organizing different profiles in your Netflix account

Since I bought a subscription to the plan only streaming with Netflix, suggestions have been quite useless. And that’s because my children are those who have used the service more frequently, so the recommendations I receive are for the last Disney comedy (courtesy of my daughter) or superhero stories and mutant turtles (my son). Fortunately, now I can maintain different profiles and recommendations based on my interests.

When you enter Netflix from a computer, you will see a window opens and displays a profile is created for you based on your existing account like a little button with the plus sign (+) to which you can add a new profile. To create a profile, you only have to enter a name, then you can choose an avatar for each. While I can access the system from Netflix with my various profiles (You can create up to five profiles per account) on my iPad and my Apple TV, I could not create a new profile with any of these devices.

Netflix Account


To switch between profiles, tap the current profile in the upper right corner to see all available profiles. In Apple TV and the iPad, you will see a window that displays your profiles. In a computer, you will see a drop down menu to see your profile along with a button Manage Profiles (Managing profiles). From the Manage Profiles page you can create a new profile and edit the name and avatar of an existing profile or you can delete it. You can also check a box to include in a profile that is “to children under 12 years.”

Netflix Account


Netflix uses the programs you watch to make recommendations and you can accelerate this process by answering questions about a page of “likes” ( Taste Preferences ) for each profile, which can be accessed from the menu for Taste Profile . I found that, after creating profiles for each of my children, my profile was still full of children and young recommendations, even though I said not wanting to “family” programs or “Kids and Family”.

If you’re like me and you see Netflix unless your kids, here is a suggestion: use the first profile that Netflix will start and then you creating one for each of your children, and then creates one for you. Then you’ll have a fresh start, with suggestions that are not based on the habits of your 8 year old or your child of 5.

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