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Download and Install Moviebox for PC/Windows & iOS

Hello everyone, in this article am presenting an interesting application called Moviebox. By the name itself you can understand what sort of an application it is. Yes your guess is correct. It is an application where you can watch movies unlimitedly. Moviebox is an astonishing application which lets the users to watch, collect and store their best-loved videos. This application is a bit similar to an Android Application where you can watch Movies and top TV shows. Showbox is also a popular application. Now Moviebox has come into the market to give a tough competition to Showbox.

In this guide you can learn how to install the Moviebox application in your iOS devices, Windows PC and MacOS. After you complete this guide you will be able to install this application in all the three platforms. The download and installation procedures for this is very simple and is explained very clearly. All you need to do just follow the guideline very carefully and install the application in your respective platforms. If you are using this application on Windows PC, you can also inform your friends about this who are using Windows PC, iPad, iPhone and MacOS so that even they will enjoy using this application along with you.

Download Moviebox for PC/Windows, MacOS, iPad/ iPhone:

As this guide is meant for three platforms, lets go on with one by one platform. We will first discuss how to download and install Moviebox application on your Windows PC and later on iPads and iPhones and the last part of this guide deals with the download and installation of Moviebox in MacOS. So lets start off it with Windows PC.

Download and Install Moviebox for Windows PC:

Most of the people use this platform Windows in their PC’s as their basic operating system. Windows Operating System will support many of the application which other Operating System does not support. Windows will support this amazing application called Moviebox. You can download and install this Moviebox Application in your WIndows PC using the following steps.

  • Follow the link given below to download the Moviebox Application for your Windows PC.

Download Moviebox Application for Windows PC

  • This is a 20.2MB file and it may take a minute or two for you to download the file.
  • After completing the download of the file, go to the folder where you have downloaded the file and click on it.
  • Select Run when prompted and go on clicking NEXT till the setup has completed installation. Look at the image below for a clear idea.

Moviebox for PC


  • The window will prompt when the setup finishes. Click on Finish when the setup prompts that installation is finished.

Moviebox for pc Download


  • That is it, you are done with the installation of Moviebox on your Windows. Now you can stream onto your favorite videos and enjoy watching them.

Download Moviebox Application for iPads and iPhones :

There is a simple procedure to download and install the Moviebox Application on your iPads and iPhones. To install this application you require iOS 7.0 or later. This Moviebox application is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This application is optimized for iPhone 5. Showbox in iPad and iPhones can play any kind of videos like avi, mpeg, mp4, mpg, mov, flv, 3gp, vob, mkv, mwv, m4v.  Just follow the procedure below to download this application.

  • Before you start downloading you need to make some changes i.e; Change the date in your device to December 1, 2014.
  • To download Moviebox Application for iOS 6 or below
  • To download Moviebox Application for iOS 7 and above Click Here ( here password is moviebox)

Take a look at the image below to see how Moviebox looks like in the iPad :

Moviebox for Windows


Download and Install Moviebox for MacOS :

This amazing has still not found its place in the Apple Store. Hope this application also finds its way in this store. Nevertheless there are many applications which are a bit similar to Moviebox. You can try for Oreo TV for iOS , PlayBox HD .instead which will be helpful.

This ends this tutorial of Downloading and Installing of Moviebox on your Windows PC, iPads, iPhones and MacOS. Hope you find this tutorial useful and feel free to comment on any information or doubts regarding the downloading and installation of this application on your platforms.

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