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Instagram Video Downloader APK

What is Instagram Downloader?

Today I will show you how to download Instagram videos and save them on any device so we will cover how to download any kind of media like videos picture Instagram stories and lives from any Instagram account all of the methods I will show you in this article are 100% available at the moment, but from time to time Instagram changes where the media are stored on servers so if something doesn’t work or work not as expected move on

Instagram Video Downloader

The next method so let’s get started the first, and the easiest ways how you can download Instagram videos is by using the app on your iPhone so let’s get to our iPhone and let’s say I found a video which I want to download, so I click on that video, and then they’re here in the right upper corner I see three dots I click on them, and next what I need to choose is copy link when I copied the link I go to this app the name is lan server you can download it for free on the app store I click on this app, and then after I copied the link it automatically is pasted here inside the app I don’t need to do anything next what I have to click is added to favorites, and after your video is added to favorites you need to click download button here in the bottom right corner I clicked download we can that our video has been saved to your photos lets shake it let’s check it I go to photos camera roll, and you can clearly see that I have this video available.

Method 2 

Now let’s move on the second method its very similar to the previous one all we have to do is to click copy link then go to any browser it could be safari or google chrome i will go to google chrome and here in the address tab i’ll just click paste and go i paste the link to this video now when i click in the address bar we can see the address of this media on instagram and all i have to do is to add the letter Q before instagram so now we have Quinn’s to graham and i click go after i click on this quinns to graham it actually redirects us to other website the name of which is social download calm and here we can easily save our video all we have to do is to click download and just in a few seconds you will see the results so after we have this link to media file all we have to do is to click here in the right upper corner of our browser this share button and then we can choose let’s say like save to dropbox then i have this file which i can save like skate .mp4 be aware that all of the files which you download from instagram are in mp4 file format so now after i have saved this video i can go to my dropbox and if i see my files i can see that i already have this skate mp4 video so when i click on it you can see that it’s already downloaded into your Dropbox.

Download Instagram Video Downloader

Alright, so now move on to the next methods, but for that, we need a computer now let’s take a look how you can download videos or as a kind of media from Instagram on your computer you can use whatever you want mac or PC doesn’t matter all you have to install is google chrome and use a few extensions right now I will show you the first of them so when I click on some videos on Instagram I can play it. Still, if I right-click all I can do is save them as but I cannot save the video itself, so we goto extensions you need to click this three dots over here goto more tools and then choose extension when we are on extensions page the first extension I want to show you is Instagram downloader to enable it to press this button. When we go back to the Instagram video page, I refresh it by hitting F5, or you can refresh it with the right-click and or controller doesn’t matter, so as you can see, nothing happens.

We can only see the changelog here. Still, when you hover your mouse over here in the right upper corner, you can see these three buttons appear. The first one opens your video on the background page. If you right-click on it, you can save it as a video if you press the middle one you just copied the link to clipboard and the right one straight download of your video. The best part is when you download a video; it has the name of the account from which it was downloaded, and also it has a date and time of download, so that’s it. 

Now let’s move on to another one. The second extension I want to show you is an improved layout for Instagram so with the help of this extension, we can see Instagram in a completely different layout and if I choose any kind of video like this one all right I right mouse click and now I can save video as. Also, I can save images. Just save images, so you have all the possibilities of saving any kind of content from your Instagram. Also, if you want to save from Instagram stories, just choose any story to right-click on it, and now you can save the video.

Next great extension is the flash video downloader lets enable it and after we go to Instagram page after we hover over any kind of video or image we have this download button the next great option is internet download manager actually we have a google chrome plugin google chrome extension, but this is the stand-alone app, and you need to install it actually it’s a shareware, so we need to pay for it but it’s a really great choice all you have to do is start playing video, and then you have this download this video button you can download whatever you want it could be images, stories, videos anything so all you have to do is to install this app and use google’s chrome extension for it.

The last great google chrome extension is chrome IG story plus we have two kinds of extensions we have only IG story, and IG story plus i don’t know what the difference is but to use this extension all we have to do is to copy the name of the account we want to use go here and paste it click search and choose the account, and also we can click download over here so after I press download this extension automatically saves the archive with all of the media from that account it automatically download all Instagram stories from that day till that moment which was posted in the past 24 hours also I can click on the account itself, and I could start watching this Instagram stories over here now let’s take a look if I open this archive you can see that i have all the videos and all both the images on the one here as one single archive it’s very handy because you don’t have to download them one by one so that’s it this is how easily you can download any kind of media from your google chrome browser using these great extensions.

I also get a bunch of questions like okay but how can I download another kind of videos or how I can download another kind of media, so let’s address these questions the first one is how to download Instagram videos on private account actually if you want to download some videos or media from the private account it’s impossible to do it without actually be following and have access to that account the best choice is to use another account request for access and then download the video or media with the methods I showed you before the next question is how to download Instagram stories actually to download Instagram stories all you have to do is to use hurom web plugin I showed you before.

The next question is how to download Instagram ad videos; sometimes, when you scroll your feed, you can see Instagram ad video; actually, you can download it easily from your phone because that actual video is located. Somewhere on another account also you can save your video by actually recording the screen of your device, and if you have iPhone it’s very easy all you have to do is to swipe up from the bottom and then you can see this blinking red button actually right now I am recording, so that’s why it’s blinking, but all you have to do is to press it once the screen starts recording you go to Instagram you choose the video you played start to finish then you close Instagram, and you stop recording boom!!! You have the video saved in your photos library.

How to download Instagram live video is actually very easy; all you have to do is to use the same google chrome web plugin to download stories but to download a live video. You need first to wait while it is converted after that live is finished, and then you can easily download this video in the next 24 hours before it also disappears some accounts add their live videos as highlights, so they are always available on the top of the profile, so all you have to do is to use the same google chrome extension and download that live video as an Instagram story.

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