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Download imo for Windows 10/8/8.1/7- Latest version

imo for Windows: Imo instant messenger app is now available for download on Windows based mobile and PC.Just download imo for windows app from this site and start using it. You can now do video and voice call with your friends who used windows based mobile and desktop PC.Imo is now well-known video calling android app, and it is much better than Whatsapp, facebook video call.

imo for Windows

Now you can do video calling from your pc for free with imo for windows app.This imo video calling app is available for the all the latest version of the windows pc.
This software is straightforward to use and it takes only a few minutes to install it on your windows pc.You can enjoy all the imo Android app features on your windows pc.Just download the imo windows version and start doing unlimited video and audio calling from your windows pc.You don’t need to have a mobile phone with you to do video call.Imo eliminates the need of having a mobile phone to do video call.

You can’t install imo android apk on your windows pc because windows do not support apk file type. Windows pc need a .exe file of imo app to install imo on your windows pc.Many software emulator programs helps a user to run android app on windows pc.One example of such emulator program is bluestacks.We write one detail step by step guide on how to use imo on windows pc with the help blustacks.

In case of imo, You don’t need to download any emulator because imo provide a .exe file of imo app which means that you can run imo on windows pc without using any emulator software.

We already wrote post on how to use imo on your pc and imo for windows mobile. Video call is the new calling technique you should try.Previously video calling is expensive, and it is not affordable for everyone. Imo understands this problem of expensive video calling, and they created a solution for them.The team of imo creates imo video call and chat app.
imo app mainly focused on to provide video calling to its user.People start loving the video calling feature provided by imo.Now the imo is hugely popular Android video calling app and it is now the main commpetitor Facebook, WhatsApp video calling.
Due to the enormous demand for video calling app on windows mobile and PC.Imo team creates the imo app that runs on windows mobile and pc. To run imo on windows, you need to download imo for windows 10 7/8/8.1/xp. We shared you detail guide on how to use imo on PC.

Download installation Process

There are two methods of installing imo on desktop pc. First method is direct imo download for windows 8 and second is to use bluestack. Download Instagram video Downloader

1> First you need to download imo app for windows from official imo site imo.im. Imo team launched windows version of imo on their official site.
You can’t use imo android version on windows based computer.This is due to seprate technologies.Android operating system is created by google and windows is created by Microsoft.
Android app is in .apk format, and windows app is in .exe or .msi format.
This is why we can’t run imo app apk on windows.

2> Once download complete open downloaded file.
This file is in your browser section.Press Ctrl+J this will open all download files.You will see ImoSetup.msi file in your download section.
Open it.

3> Imo installation window will pop up. Just follow the step show in imo screen.Installation is easy and similar to the installation of other apps.

Ok once you completed all the step you are ready to use imo for windows app.
You can check our imo for pc tutorial for more information.If you have any problem regarding installing imo please post your problem in the comment section.
We will solve all your queries.

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