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How to Use AirPlay in iOS, OS X and Apple TV

AirPlay lets you do a reflection of what you see on your iOS device or OS X and display it on your screen. You can use it with games, video, music, presentations, and more.

Thanks to the ecosystem between the products of Apple, users who have an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Mac, can send the image, sound or both to a screen that has connected Apple TV box. This way you can show the image of your device in all its glory on home larger screen.

This feature is quite useful because you can send music from your iPhone to the speakers of your TV or speakers that are connected to it. You can also send the image to a presentation from your iPad and display slideshows on your television while on your iPad you have any additional information. Some games also take advantage of AirPlay and allows to send the image to the TV and display child controls on the device screen.


As always, not all devices can support AirPlay function, but also need the latest model to take advantage. Make sure your device or software version is in this list:

  • iPod Touch or later
  • iPhone 4 or later
  • iPad, iPad mini or later
  • Apple TV second or third generation
  • iTunes 10.2 or later

Once you’re sure you have one of these compatible devices, these are the steps to use AirPlay.

How to Use AirPlay in iOS


On your Mac

In Mac can send the sound of music playing in iTunes, you can duplicate the screen or turn the TV with Apple TV on a second monitor – depending on what you want to do.

  • Make sure the Mac and Apple TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi
  • In the toolbar at the top right of the Mac side, there must be an icon of a square and a triangle – typical AirPlay logo.
  • Press the button and activate it by selecting the Apple TV you want to send the image
  • Select the option you want: choose the TV as a second monitor or use a mirror ( mirroring , in English)
  • The image becomes black on the TV and Mac and then returns to normal; on the TV image chosen and the Mac normal screen.

To send only the sound of your Mac to Apple TV with AirPlay, the steps are simple.

System Preferences> Sound> Output> Choose Apple TV.

On your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

From iOS device, enable AirPlay is even easier.

  • Make sure your iOS device and Apple TV are connected to the same WiFi
  • Since the device opens the Control Center (panel which is activated by sliding your finger from the bottom up and where is the direct link to activate the DND mode, activate Bluetooth, volume up / down, among other functions).
  • One of AirDrop and other AirPlay: In the Control Center, above the buttons flash, stopwatch, calculator and camera, two buttons should appear.
  • Select the AirPlay button and choose the name of Apple TV.

AirPlay function can be used for various purposes that increase the productivity of the connected device and Apple TV. AirPlay is not just for displaying an image, a video or a presentation. Some applications increase its functions when using AirPlay. For example, a game to handle aircraft, the TV shows the view of the pilot and iPad –or iPhone– shows the controls to pilot the ship.

To find out which applications are compatible with AirPlay, the description thereof must say that support the function.

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