How to receive free technical support from your iPhone

The application offers you super Xprt practical to solve your problems without break your head technology advice.

I think we’ve all encountered a technical problem we can not solve. Attempts to find a solution on the Internet have been useless, call “nerd” of the family has not paid off and a visit to the Geek Squad would be a bit much.

A new iPhone app called Xprt lets you talk to experts in technology and receive free tips directly to your phone.

After starting the app and create a free account, you are given the option to receive support for a “Xprt” or ask for advice on buying a computer.

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How to receive free technical support from your iPhone

The app will ask you for certain information problem where you are, and then connect you with someone who can guide you to resolve the problem. For tips to buy a computer require you to provide information about the size of the device you want, what you want and your budget. Once you have provided this information, I will contact an expert through a chat session

 How to receive free technical support from your iPhone


The chat itself resembles the experience you would get with any chat app, with a text field where you can enter your questions or your answers. Once the chat is complete, you will be asked to qualify the “Xprt” and if you want you can leave a tip.

The app, however, states that do not have the obligation to leave a tip.

I experienced a test session without alerting the company in advance. At the end of the chat session, I was asked to leave a tip. To test if it really is a free service, I changed the tip amount to 0 and gave it a five star rating expert before you get out of the chat. My problem was solved, for free, in minutes.

If he had decided to leave a tip, just would have had to enter payment details to complete the process.

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