Download Google Adwords App for Android Devices

From this week, AdWords users, the advertising keyword tool from Google, which have a smartphone that works with Android can manage your campaigns from your mobile phone. Google has announced that the app this service for your OS mobile is now available globally .

Before, as recalled in The Next Web , only worked in Canada.

In an entry on the official blog of AdWords , Geoff Meneway, product manager, pointed out that many businesses, both large and small, are giving increasing prominence to the smartphones in their workflow , “both customer and in order, and marketing “.

The application will allow users access from your mobile AdWords statistics of your campaigns , which can pause and restart from these and devices- alerts and notifications in real time , you can update budgetsand can call an expert to Google advise them.

The first screen displays a summary clicks, costs and conversions activity AdWords user , you can view more detailed statistics, for example, ad group, day or devices.

Another advantage that Android becomes movable is, according to Google, the application will allow those who use make c immediate both also in their campaigns according to their evolution , wherever they are, saving thus the risk of “losing sales potential “.

An advantage for both sides: for users, and also to Google, which already reports that send users to the application of Android, “tips to improve your campaigns that can be implemented in real time”, something that the Internet giant probably higher revenues will ensure AdWords . “For example, if we believe there is an opportunity to increase your number of impressions readjusting your budget, we’ll let you know”, Meneway explains in his post .

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The application is compatible with devices running Android 4.0. or later and you can download from the Google Play Store.

Download Google Adwords for Android

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