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Download Formula 1 Official App for Android / iPhone iOS devices

It is not always possible to follow the World of F1 on TV, even for the fan. With the right applications, however, you will always be informed of news, calendar or career development in real time, both mobile and from your laptop.

With these apps you can continue to star in the world of Formula 1 Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg, Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso Championship, and cross your fingers for luck to your favorite.

Download Formula 1 The official App

Since last year, Formula 1 itself publishes its own official app. It is a free application that provides information about the races and the championship : lap times, classifications, data drivers, etc.

The app also offers the possibility to buy a premium season ticket (€ 9.99) which gives access to an amazing amount of information: live timing, analysis of how the drivers take turns, access to radio transmissions equipment, Career Management messages, real-time status of the tires … Incredible .

Download Formula 1

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You will see racing before on TV

The official app of the World Formula 1 is one of those tools, supplemented with broadcast TV, allows us to follow everything that happens in a race almost without looking at the screen. Thanks to its direct line to the servers where it is saved data that drink the same journalists who follow the championship, we can see the layout live with the positions of the pilots in both free practice, as in the rating or Sunday’s race.

Each of these sessions will see in detail, viewing times in different sectors of the circuit, who breaks records and the distances between each of them. If you have ever tried, you know that overtaking can be known even before they teach the TV cameras, that the detailed monitoring of each driver and car tells us exactly where you are and what position also oversees the height of the section by circulating.

If you do not want to pay for the app or it is not available for your device, we recommend the official F1 website.

After registering, free, you will see information directly on your computer, mobile or tablet , wherever you are. However, to view real-time statistics website uses Java, so it will not work on all mobile devices.

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