Best apps to control your PC from your mobile

We bring you a collection of the best applications to manage our computer remotely using the tablet or mobile phone as a remote controller. From Team Viewer to Remote Droid, discover the best solutions to avoid having to stand in front of the screen when handling your PC.

Whether by necessity or convenience, many users prefer to use their mobile devices to control the computer remotely without having to travel to your location. This function is really useful at work when we have to hand our team but we need to access some functions.

Team Viewer

The Team Viewer application is one of the most popular software for this purpose. From this application you can access computers running Windows Mac or Linux operating system and remote control like we were against them. It has very interesting features like adaptive control via gestures own touch screens of portable devices, making it convenient control and use of computers through mobile. Also provides session encryption and allows file transfer in both directions, making it an ideal tool if we are away from your computer.

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Best apps to control your PC from your mobile


Chrome Remote Desktop

Not long ago we told you about Google Chrome extension to handle your computer remotely from an Android or iOS device. Downloading and installing the Chrome extension Remote Desktop application on your mobile device, we can always control that we open the browser. Using a PIN code be assured us who we control access to the computer.

Best apps to control your PC


VNC Viewer

Another application ideal for providing remote assistance  from the mobile phone to people who need our help to make any adjustments on your computer is VNC Viewer .Although encryption is only available in the paid version, ease of use, excellent compatibility and variety of options make it one of the best alternatives on the market.

Best apps


Microsoft Remote Desktop

The Redmond company t lso launched its Windows client to control computers from other devices . Remote Desktop remarkable for the excellent control offered with your mouse remotely, making it ideal for tasks related to the work partner.

Best apps Mobile Control


Remote Droid

Remote Droid is one of the remote controllers for easier handling . This simple but effective application turns your phone precisely at a keyboard and mouse to operate the equipment remotely, which can take great comfort in certain situations. The only downside is some specific compatibility issue with certain mobile devices which we expect to continue correcting in future updates.

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