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Hello, guys welcome to the Top5APK’s, here we provide Top5 entertainment apps or APk’s (Snaptube, AcMarket, Playbox HD, Instagram Video Downloader, Cartoon HD. Which is absolutely free of cost and free from viruses and zero advertisements in it we know that interruption between watching movies is a huge issue we get in youtube and many other apks but here we only select and provide those apps which have zero annoying advertisements which are a great thing in any entertainment app because nowadays every app has a ton of advertisement in it that’s why we are here because in the entertainment apk market we are the only one website which is providing free entertainment app which has huge movies and web series that means you are not going to bored anymore.

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Today’s era, as you know everyone has a mobile phone, and through mobile phones, a person entertains himself. Mobile phones have made the task easier than human beings. If a person is in a boring situation, then he uses YouTube or other platforms for his entertainment, where he can watch his favorite movies, TV serials, and web series. But there is only a youtube is a platform where you can video for free, But YouTube is a platform where you cannot download and keep videos so that you can watch them offline later. Apart from youtube, there is Netflix and many other platforms where you have to pay a monthly or yearly subscription. 

But what will you react to if you get movies and web series for free of cost? This will be fun right because you are getting the latest movies for free. that’s awesome. Yes, you can get the latest movies and web series for free. You just read our article, and you will be eligible to stream and download movies for free.

More About Top5APK’s

Keeping all these things in mind, We have brought 5 APK for you, with the help of these 5 apk you can download videos and TV serials in your smartphone’s internal storage. You can share those videos on all the social sites on your mobile, and you can watch them later even if don’t have an internet connection. Apart from this, all these APKs also have some special features which will give you a great experience. And this app is easy and simple to use. There are no spam advertisements and no viruses because we say no to viruses. 

We created this website for movie lovers because we know the importance of entertainment. We know that there are no such websites in the market yet that tell about entertainment apps that are free. That’s why we created this website for true entertainment lovers, this website is all about entertainment apk, yes we are going to provide Top5APK’s which are free and easy. No advertisement in it, yes that is great and enjoyable apps ever so let’s get started….. 

Snaptube Apk

The snaptube apk is the famous and most popular apk in the entertainment apk segment because this app provides all the movies and web series for free, and you can download that particular video or song in your desired format. That means you can download mp4 files in mp3 format, that means you don’t have to download the whole video you can just download the music (mp4).

If you are a big social media lover, then you have faced an issue that you can’t download videos from Instagram, Youtube, Facebook or any other social media sites, but snaptube allows you to download videos from Instagram, Facebook, Youtube or any other Social Media Platform. And you can download those videos according to your desired resolution like 480px or 720px or 1080px and also in mp3 format. 

It has trending features that show us the latest and trending videos, web series, and music. It helps us to download videos from the trending tab, and we can listen or stream any latest video or music. You can download snaptube from our website totally free of cost.

If you are an iPhone or iPad(iOS) user and you are looking for an app which provides you free entertainment than snaptube for iOS will help you in that case but the sad news is snaptube is not available for iOS but don’t be sad we are providing alternative app of snaptube for your iOS devices. It will help you get free movies and music, and you can also download them on your iPhone or iPad.

The fun of watching videos and movies comes only on the big screen, so you wonder if snaptube is also available for pc? Yes!!! You can access Snaptube for pc you can download snaptube for PC and enjoy movies and videos on the big screen, but you know that snaptube is only available for android devices, but we have a method that will help you to install the snaptube app in pc the method is so simple. In this method we will use bluestacks or any other android emulator. We have to install that particular emulator in your pc then you can install the snaptube apk file in the emulator. Then, you can easily use the snaptube app and enjoy the features of snaptube apk for pc(windows vista, XP,7,8,10).

Some apps are similar to snaptube like Tubemate, Vidmate, Youtube, Youtube-dl, Newpipe, etc. But these apps are not as special as snaptube because snaptube gives you many features that other apps cannot provide. With the help of Snaptube, You have option to download videos from YouTube as well as many social sites and convert those videos to mp3 too, so snaptube is also called a video converter app.

Playbox HD

Playbox is the second most popular apk in our Top5Apk’s line up because this app also comes with great features and a huge collection of TV Serials and movies. You can watch your favorite web series and movies here without any hassle and zero advertisements. 10millions+ users downloaded this app.

Yes, that’s a good platform. That’s why playbox HD is in our line up. Playbox HD gives a Smooth experience while you are watching or streaming videos or movies in playbox HD apk its the best experience you can ever get on any streaming application that why Top5Apk’s love this app very much.  

In this app, you will get to see a lot of features like it also has the option of subtitles which is quite beneficial for the user, apart from this you can also watch movies and TV shows offline by downloading it. Apart from this, in this app, you will get to see daily updates i.e., new movies and TV shows will be updated daily. This app will take up the storage of your mobile phone, and its interface is quite simple and unique.

Many apps like playbox HD apps are available on the internet like Cartoon HD, Cinema Box, Movie Box, Tubemate, CyberTv, Teatv, etc. But the Playbox HD app is very special compared to all these apps because of its special user interface due to which it is getting a good response.

Instagram Video Downloader

So, as you know, Instagram is a very popular social media app, Where we can connect socially with our friends and apart from chatting with them, we can send and receive videos and images, but videos that are available on Instagram are not available directly because we can download Instagram Does not allow downloading of videos and images. 

Instagram is a well-known application we all know about Instagram. Still, the problem with this app is that Instagram doesn’t provide video downloading features and even you can’t see someone’s profile picture assuming you have a crush on someone. Her/him profile private now you don’t have any options to see her profile picture, and that’s making you sad.

But don’t be sad because you are on Top5Apk’s we are here to make you smile on your beautiful face Instagram video downloader will help you to download profile pictures of your crush so now you can see them and assume that they are with you and make romantic dates in your dream.  

But do not worry because we have brought here for you something called Instagram Video Downloader, with the help of this you can download the video on Instagram on your mobile phone and watch it offline and share it to your friends. I can say that you are going to love this platform and enjoy it. This video downloader will download your video very easily and soon without any interruption or spammy advertisement.

 So guys, why are you waiting for? Download the Instagram video from our official Top5APK’s website and enjoy it by downloading the video.

Cartoon HD Apk

Cartoon HD Apk is the fourth Entertainment apk in our Top5Apk’s line up. Now I am going to share my best experience with this apk. 

Before I am adding this apk in my TopApk’s list, downloaded this apk and started using this app, and found that it is fast and takes small space in our smartphone memory and, found that this is another great feature about this apk because we all want that our mobile app will take small space in our device.

Cartoon Hd offers endless entertainment for free of cost. it has a huge and limitless collection of tv shows and movies. This app has been removed from the play store due to some violations and policies, but this is a legal app and will not trouble you, and you can download it from here.

This app is firstly built for cartoon lovers, but this app got success now. Cartoon HD apk becomes so popular and widely spread all over the world now it has a big collection of movies and TV shows which never disappoint you. 

Lastly, I can say that this is the best app recommendation for movie lovers because this app has a wide collection and I can say that you will love it and comment on your favorite movie so I can watch as well.

Acmarket Apk

Are you looking for a google play store alternative that provides you modded and patched apk for free, excited, right! We are talking about Acmarket Apk. Acmarket Apk is the fifth apk in our Top5Apk’s line up. This apk provides us all modded and patched apk for a free and second good thing is it has a huge collection of all apps which are available on play store. You can find those apps with a mod or patched version in the acmarket that’s the coolest thing you have ever seen.

Now you are confused that what is patched or modded apk means, patched or mod apk means the apk is edited assuming that you downloaded a normal game from play store. You have zero money in that game but want unlimited money so this mod apk will help you now if you download. Modded game then you get unlimited money, unlimited health and unlimited everything yes that’s is the benefits of modded apk.

That’s why we are talking about the mod and patched apks. It has several benefits which are unlimited or unlock pro versions of any particular apk and enjoy the pro version of that apk for free.

Acmarket Apk has all legal and illegal apps, which means you just search for your desirable android application or mod application; acmarket will provide you that application in no time that’s why we love acmarket apk. You can download Acmarket apk from our website and enjoy it with your favorite apk.  

Conclusion of Top5APK’s

So as you saw the 5 best apps of APK, which you can download and make your day better. This app is included in the best app in the entertainment world because it is very easy to use all these apps; this is their plus point. This Top5APK’s is not easily available on any other site, so you must download it from here, which is totally free of cost.

Note: This app is not available on Google Play Store, but you can download it from here.